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Join Rich Valdez and Ted Hicks as they moderate the #LNPShow that discusses the latest trends and game changers in parenting, technology, education, sports & product reviews. (Dr. Michele Reed is prepping for the release of her upcoming book.)

Segment 1

What happened this week at Home Depot in Atlanta, Ga?

Segment 2

Gabrielle Van Rij

Discussion centered around the Netflix hit show ’13 Reasons Why’, and why parents should talk with their teens about the show.  Show focuses on a teenager committing suicide and dealing w/the effects.

Could our kids be suffering from Social Media depression? What are some signs?

Can depression actually be a withdrawal symptoms for kids who take a break from social media?

Could extensive use develop a false sense of reality?

Segment 3

Ryan Wiesbrock

Buddy Thunderstruck is a brand-new stop-motion animation (from the talented crew behind ‘Robot Chicken’) television kids’ series created by Ryan Wiesbrock. The series follows the adventures of this special semi-truck racing dog and his albino ferret mechanic, Darnell. Buddy’s the brashest, fastest race-truck driver you’ll ever see! Geared for ages 6-11, the show has humor and timing that will appeal to parents and older audiences too!

Buddy Thunderstruck’s creator Ryan Wiesbrock would discuss the following topics:

– Ryan’s backstory

-Inspiration for creating the show

-How the character Buddy relates to real people in reality

– Why Ryan decided to keep production in the US

– Any plans for Seasons 2?

Segment 4

Hackers have released copies of OITNB — are other series next?

Logan to be released in B&W on May 16th!  One night only!

Final thoughts on the visit to Consumer Reports/Verizon offices.