Today’s children are surrounded by technology and the average household owns 7.3 screens according to a new report by ReportLinker.

Key findings show that:

TV and Tablets are competing:

  • 93% of people own a TV but their homes also include an astonishing array of digital devices, such as smartphones (79%), laptops (78%), and tablets (68%).
  • Children are still mostly drawn to television (62%), closely followed by tablets (58%), smartphones (39%), and video game (38%).

Where is the limit?

  • 62% of children spend 3+ hours on a smartphone
  • 57% of children spend 3+ hours a day playing video games
  • And 45% of children  who have devices in their bedroom use them 3 to 5 hours a day 

What about the parents?

  • 75% are positive towards their children’s relationship with technology
  • And 40% believe technology promotes school readiness and cognitive development
  • Also, 31% believe their children are more isolated and have fewer social interactions because of the time they spend using tech devices