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Marc Lewis 

This past season – Ratings were down, “rest” became a major topic between your network partners TNT/ESPN who air NBA games & the playoffs were lackluster to say the least.

  1. We’ve been waiting all season long for the trifecta / trilogy – now that we’re here – what needs to happen to live in this series for it to match it’s HYPE?
  2. Over the past three seasons – GSW and CLE destroyed teams in the NBA.  Please speak to the provisions put in place to KILL the formation of future Super Teams. (Super Max Contracts vs Mini Max deals)
  3.      How would you address the Lonzo Ball / Lavar Ball situation?
  4. Who are you pulling for in the NB Finals? Cavs / Warriors

BONUS:  What’s it going to take for security netting to be properly installed at the field level section at every MLB venue?  Does someone have to die?

 Todd Bascom 

The playoffs have been phenomenal, but you’re concerned w/ growing your product in the United States.  You’re in year 6 of a 10 year network broadcast deal.  Your social media department was outsourced to Major League Baseball Advanced Media.

  1. Has NBC Sports failed the NHL in their 10yr/$2Bil deal?
  2. Is it better when Canada has a team in the Finals? Nashville, TN does not have an Original Six fan base – Who’s going to watch the Finals?
  3. Are the Penguins an unsung dynasty? Is Sydney Crosby more Mario Lemieux or Wayne Gretzky?
  4.     Who are the future faces of the league?

BONUS (NFL):  If you were the Wide Receivers Coach for the NY Giants — what bit of wisdom would you bestow on Odell Beckham Jr?