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Todd Vandenberg  – Co-Host of Cinema Savants

Who had a worse week? Kathy Griffin or Bill Maher

Thoughts on Wonder Woman
Will Netflix, Google, Facebook & Amazon control the licensing for the next NFL packages in 2020-21?

What’s with Netflix canceling shows? IE: The Get Down, Marco Polo & Sense 8

Should you become nervous if you favorite Netflix show isn’t House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, Stranger Things?

Wasn’t Reed Hastings planning on spending $6Billion on new programming for 2017-2018? Does Netflix have a budget?

What are you binge watching right now?

Lee Vowell  – Editor In Chief of 12th Man & co-host of the official Fan Sided 12th Man Rising Radio show.

Why is Colin Kapernick not signed w/a team? What happened w/the Seahawks?
Has Russell Wilson peaked?

Any merit to Warren Moon confirming the story that the Seahawks have a splintered locker room? What about the story that some members haven’t gotten over SuperBowl 49 loss?

Seattle Sports fans had a scare this week — The Professor John Clayton was laid off from ESPN. Thankfully, we also a lesson about the business behind radio station (licensing vs owning)

Rich discusses the Memorial Day airshow and the current ATM skimming scams happening in NYC.