Everybody knows the detrimental effects that sugar has on health in general. Actually, weight gain, wrinkles and energy crashes can be caused by indulging in sweet things like cakes or low-fat yogurt.

In case you are not able to start your day without a sweet coffee, and you have not succeeded in cutting down sugar even though you have tried so many times, there are chances that you are addicted to sugar.

Furthermore, read about why you need to avoid sugar at all cost.

  • It doesn’t have any nutritional value
  • It depletes the body of minerals
  • It raises the risk of developing diabetes
  • It consumes your energy
  • Raises the risk of cardiovascular problems
  • Could lead to cancer
  • Could cause premature aging
  • It might cause eczema
  • It can lead to arthritis
  • It can weaken the vision
  • It causes adrenal fatigue
  • Compromises the immune system
  • Could lead to gallstones
  • Increases the serotonin levels
  • It causes addiction!
Menu for a Sugar Detox

1st day

  • Baked eggs with cheese and spinach for breakfast
  • Tamari almonds for a snack
  • Low carb sweet pepper poppers and green salad for lunch
  • Salad ,chicken and spinach
  • Ricotta cheese, a little vanilla stevia, vanilla extract(1/4 teaspoon) and ¼ cup part skim for a snack

2nd day

  • Frittata with sun-dried tomatoes for breakfast
  • Tamari almonds for a snack
  • Chicken, spinach and peppers for lunch
  • Spinach dip and fresh vegetables for a snack
  • Sautéed spinach, Turkey lettuce wraps, peppers and mushrooms for dinner
  • Cheese stick for a snack

3rd day

  • Protein smoothie with peanut butter for breakfast
  • Boiled eggs (without yolks), 3 for a snack
  • Turkey lettuce wraps and salad for lunch
  • Frittata (feta) for a snack
  • Grilled chicken and light vegetable soup for dinner
  • Chia vanilla pudding (sugar and dairy free) for a snack

4th day

  • Santa Fe Frittata for breakfast
  • Cheese sticks for a snack
  • Cilantro chicken salad for lunch
  • Peanut butter on celery (sugar free) for a snack
  • Crock pot chicken, bean stew and Mini Zucchini cheese bites for dinner
  • Cucumber and cottage cheese for a snack

6th day

  • Egg Muffins for breakfast
  • Ricotta with vanilla stevia or ½ cottage cheese for a snack
  • Green beans salad and bread sticks for lunch
  • Spicy Mediterranean dip and raw vegetables for a snack
  • Zucchini noodles and chicken drumsticks with garlic and lemon for dinner
  • Boiled eggs without yolks, 3 for a snack

7th day

  • Eggs scrambled with mushrooms and sautéed spinach for breakfast
  • Cottage cheese (1/2 cup) for a snack
  • Zucchini noodles and vegetable soup for lunch
  • Tamari almonds for a snack
  • Chicken drumsticks and green beans salad for dinner
  • Chia vanilla pudding (sugar and dairy free) for a snack

Source: besthealthyguide.com