If you need to transfer data from one smartphone to another, we have good news for you. Acronis True Image app makes it easy. Just install, run a backup on one device and restore it on the other. The entire process is transparent and you’ll even be able to select what photos, videos, contacts, to restore. There are no surprises and you’ll see exactly what happens during this process.

There are many people switching from one phone to another, both Google and Apple provided a set of their own instructions on how to perform data transfer from one device to another. Google invites users to do it manually through the cloud, and Apple tells people to use an app (yes, there is an Apple app on Google Play store!)

But there is a much better and easier way to do that — Acronis True Image. With Acronis True Image you can copy data from one device to another and back, as many times as you like, without creating a mess.

How to copy data from one smartphone to another
  1. Install the free Acronis True Image app on the first device
  2. Run a backup on the first device and store your data in the cloud (free) or local PC
  3. Install the free Acronis True Image app on the second device
  4. Locate and restore the backup you created in step 2. You can select individual items or restore the whole lot — photos, videos, contacts and so on. Complete flexibility.

There are no cables involved. The entire process can be done through your home Wi-Fi network.

Acronis True Image can also be used as a tool to share content between devices.

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