As students head back to school in August, the personal safety company, SABRE, is stressing the importance of campus safety.

SABRE is the world-renowned personal safety product brand, specializing in products such as pepper sprays/gels, personal alarms, stun guns, wireless home/apartment alarms and more.

SABRE put together their top 5 safety tips students should know about as they head back on campus.

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SABRE is encouraging students to follow these safety tips both on and off campus.  


1. Before unpacking their boxes, students should check out what free safe ride or walking services are offered by the campus.

2. Students should take a safety seminar or attend a self-defense class. Many colleges offer them free or for credit, and the techniques and strategies can be lifesaving.

3.  For students moving from dorms to apartments, a personal alarm provides portable security. SABRE offers many compact options as well as a Dorm/Apartment Kit for keeping personal belongings safe.

4. Prepare themselves with pepper sprays and gels—one of the most effective ways to deter or distract an attacker, and permitted on most campuses. SABRE has the most potent and reliable options on the market.

5.  Stick together—there is safety in numbers, so stay close to friends when going out or coming home late from parties.

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