The fact that a relatively inexpensive internet streaming box can add in not just one but three HDR options should drive the point home clearly: OTT delivery is now the place to innovate, rather than relying on OTA innovation as had been done in years past.

Another trend the infographic highlights is a move towards multi-region delivery of OTT. While responses in past years had tended to balance between an equal number of survey respondents offering single-country OTT delivery versus regional or global delivery, this year’s responses show a marked shift away from single-country OTT offerings.

To handle this shift, there’s also a shift in content delivery network (CDN) approaches. A significant shift towards a multi-CDN strategy and away from a single CDN vendor was also apparent in the 2017 survey responses, and this trend is in keeping with Cisco’s recently updated Visual Networking Index report, which not only predicts that “70 percent of all internet traffic will cross CDNs by 2021, up from 52 percent in 2016” but that the video portion of CDN traffic will account for almost 80% of all content delivered by CDNs.

The infographic is below and can be seen full-size (and downloaded) here, and you can download the updated OTT report here.