It’s hard to find time to relax as a parent. You come home from work and any free time you have in the house is spent looking after the children or stopping them from making a mess of the place. It’s not really your time. Still, whilst the kids are young and their bedtimes are early, there’s that small slot of time, just before you collapse in bed from exhaustion, during which you can do… well, anything.

Most likely, your free time will be spent finally taking control of the remote and watching what you and your partner want to watch on TV or your laptop. You’ve got many options this season in terms of sports, so here are just a few you might want to watch but which probably aren’t suitable for the kids.


It’s a professional sport but that doesn’t detract from the fact that it’s also a very violent sport. The kids might love to watch professional boxing but they might also love whacking lumps out of each other if they start becoming a little too influenced by it. It’s your call, of course, but, either way, this is a great way to watch at the moment. We’re definitely seeing a resurgence in popularity for this great sport given greats such as McGregor and Mayweather taking the spotlight.

The great thing about this sport is that the entertainment doesn’t start and end with the boxing ring; there’s plenty of fighting talk and there are plenty of comedic insults hurled between fighters in the lead up to a big match. It’s definitely a sport which thrives on the energy of building suspense, tension, and anticipation for a big match. That’s something which isn’t really seen in any other sport. Boxing boasts all the entertaining comments and showmanship of WWE but it feels somehow much more real than the former. There are consequences to a boxing match. It’s serious for the fighters involved and that definitely makes for some tense late-night watching.


Darts is another fun one for the adults. Your children most likely wouldn’t hate playing this sport (there’s no harm in getting them a kid-friendly dart board) but they might hate watching it. It can be quite slow-paced on the surface but darts tournaments can definitely become very addictive to watch. You start to follow the journey of the players and root for the most talented athletes in the tournament. You could even make things a little more interesting for you and your partner (or perhaps even friends that you’ve invited over) by betting on dart tournaments that you watch. It can make for a more exciting and tense watching experience if you’re directly invested in the results of a sporting match. The point is that darts might not involve a lot of physical movement but it’s a sport which requires extreme precision and there’s something very satisfying about watching professionals master it.

Ice Hockey.

Finally, if you fancy something fast-paced, dangerous, but fun and electrifying, ice hockey might be the one to watch late at night. Again, it’s not necessarily a sport that’s inappropriate for kids to watch, but there can be some intense and brutal injuries in this sport. It’s your call as the parent, but it’s certainly a fun sport to get into. It involves the team mentality and general concept of sports such as soccer but also the added dimension of danger and difficulty which comes with playing on ice.