Are you interested in getting your kid out on the golf course? Some parents think that the golf course is only for adults, but that really isn’t the case. As long as your children have mastered the basic skills, then there is no reason they have to stay away from the course. You never know, they might even do better than some of the seasoned golfers who have been playing for years!

Here are some tips you can use to help your child get to the required level ready for the golf course.

Start With Miniature Golf

Some kids might not be instantly attracted to the idea of spending a morning on a proper golf course. However, if you switch to one with mini windmills and crazy holes, then they might find the sport a lot more appealing. So, it’s a good idea to start off on a miniature golf course where they can have some fun trying their luck on the quirky course holes. You shouldn’t consider mini golf a total waste of time for kids – it can help them get used to holding the club correctly and developing their swing technique.

Practice On A Golf Range

Once your kid has aced the mini golf course, it’s time to move onto a golf range. As you can see from, there are plenty all over so you should easily be able to find one close to you. Most golf clubs won’t accept members who have never tried their driving skills out on a range, so it’s a good idea to take your kid so that they can have the experience. And it ensures that they are less likely to hit anyone by accident when they are out on the golf course!

Invest In Good Equipment

Take a look at sites like to see the range of kids clubs and equipment that you can buy. It is really important that you invest in top-quality items for your child as this can make all the difference to their game. Remember to make sure they have child clubs as the adult ones will just be too big for them, and will only end up being a hindrance.

Keep It Fun

If you are trying to pass on all your golfing skills to your child, you should remember that the games and practice time should be fun. Don’t get too strict with them or stress out whenever they find it hard to pick up a certain skill or technique, as this will be very distressing and off putting for them. Instead, always keep things fun and light-hearted, and you will find that they respond better to this. It can also be very motivating as they will want to try and improve and develop their skills.

Teaching your kids how to golf isn’t going to be as difficult as you might have thought. You just need to follow all of these tips and they will quickly pick it up!