We have a lot of choices to make as parents for the benefit of our children’s futures, and when it comes to being a skilled and savvy parent, there’s no handbook on how to do it right, but this always brings up the age-old nature versus nurture debate. We bring up our children in an environment that we consider to be supportive, and we do our best as parents to make sure that they get everything they need. But, the question to ask is if the environment they grow up in has an impact on how they end up as people. So is picking the right environment to raise your children essential? And how do we do this?

The Old Fashioned Method: Research

If you feel that the right environment does have a major impact on your children and how they grow up, it’s important for you to research the right areas that will benefit their upbringing. A lot of people feel that they have to stick to the same area, because of habit. But it’s always a good idea to go a little bit further out and look for areas with better schools. And even if you go a bit further into rural areas, this will have a positive impact on your child because they are likely to benefit from social inclusion, as opposed to feeling the sense of isolation a lot of children now have in inner city schools. When it comes to properties in rural areas, there are a lot more opportunities for high resale value, which makes it a lucrative prospect for parents who not only want the best for the children, but can also provide for themselves in retirement. If you look at a company like Sports Afield Trophy Properties, a lot of these properties are based in rural areas and are closer to nature, which will have a positive impact on your child overall and their frame of mind. A lot of families are making the transition from living in city areas to rural areas, and it hasn’t just shown an impact on the parents, such as less stress, but the children have benefited too.


The Family Relationship

This is something that is underestimated in when you are picking somewhere to live, the relationship you have as a family could be improved depending on the area that you end up. Stress is, of course, a bigger factor for families now. Not just the parents and their excessive working hours, but the children are under more pressure to perform in exams. They are being piled with more work, with fewer resources, coupling this with an increase in social media and the fear of missing out that children suffer from, it can have an impact on everybody’s well-being in the family, which can result in more strained relationships. In picking an environment that is quieter, less crime, more neighborhoods focused and friendly, these are all little things that will have a major impact on everybody. The relationships we have as people now are a lot strained than a few years ago, and there is a lot less community spirit in the world, so picking the right environment in this sense will help everyone.

Raising your children in a nourishing neighborhood environment, not just a nurturing home environment, can have more than impacts on your children’s wellbeing than you think. It will impact every aspect of their life, so as parents, it’s vital that you find the right environment for your children to grow up in.