Scrub Daddy, Inc., ( the company behind the patented smiley faced sponge which has become the most successful company in the history of ABC’s Emmy winning show Shark Tank, today introduced The Scrub Daisy Dishwand System®.  This new scrubbing tool, four years in the making; answers the overwhelming demand from customers to innovate the ordinary dish wand utilizing Scrub Daddy’s exclusive materials while making it both beautiful and functional.

With three flower shaped interchangeable heads to handle every cleaning application, Scrub Daisy marries Scrub Daddy’s FlexTexture® to scrub with Scrub Mommy’s ResoFoam® for suds, and adds the recently launched Scour Daddy’s ArmorTec® mesh to scour, making it the most versatile dish washing system available anywhere.  Inspired by nature, these three replaceable heads affectionately named The Daisy®, The Hyacinth® and The Sunflower® show how THE POWER IS IN THE FLOWER®.

“Innovation in our industry was absent until Scrub Daddy was born. Now we’re applying that same innovative approach to the dish wand category,” said Aaron Krause, Founder & CEO of Scrub Daddy Inc. “One of the biggest challenges with traditional dish wands is keeping them out of view, but close enough to serve their purpose. Thanks to our artfully designed Vase and Valet, Scrub Daisy hides in plain sight as a beautiful bouquet of flowers when she’s off duty.”

The sleek and sophisticated Scrub Daisy combines the soap dispensing utility of a traditional dish wand with a never-before-seen level of shape-shifting flexibility. This allows for easy cleaning of everything from tall and narrow items, like stainless steel water bottles and baby bottles, to caked on baking sheets.  The Vase and Valet provide convenient, self-draining open air storage for all the interchangeable heads.

Added Krause, “I have personally invested the last 4 years of my life into this beautiful dream and am beyond excited for it to bloom. When we launch Scrub Daisy on QVC this Sunday, we’ll watch the country go crazy for Daisy™!”

Following the launch, she will be available for purchase online at and at specialty retailers such as Bed Bath & Beyond and Amazon.