Child obesity is a growing epidemic because kids aren’t as active as previous generations. Technology has a role to play, as do globalization and a change in values. However, one of the main reasons for inactivity is a pushy parent. Moms and dads who are too involved in their kid’s lives tend to encourage their children to quit. Some even actively forbid their kids from taking part in sports. Their health is paramount, which is why parents need to take a back seat.

The following are the tips which will help you support your child instead of taking away all the fun.

Let Them Choose

Parents control many facets of their kids lives, from what clothes they wear to what food they eat. So, it isn’t difficult to see why a mom or dad would choose the sports too. To begin with, there is the element of routine, not to mention living vicariously through a child. Sadly, you are not them and they may not like the sport or activity. Enjoyment is the key to a healthy lifestyle because no one does anything they hate. Well, aside from work, but they can figure that out later in life! If they pick the sport, the chances are they will love taking part.

Support Their Decision

Once they pick an activity, they will need your backing. Children like to imagine they are independent, but parents have a huge role to play regardless of age. When they can’t drive or buy equipment, the responsibility falls to a parent. Pushy parents may see this as an opportunity to derail the plan, but don’t let them down. Investing in golf clubs and cleats may not be your first choice, yet it’s crucial to the little boy or girl in your life. So, always be their ride and back them financially to encourage participation.

Let Go

Some sports frighten adult men and women, the ones who don’t have children. Of course, they scare the “bejesus” out of parents whose number one job is to keep their babies safe. And, of course, kids want nothing more than to take part for the thrill and adrenaline rush. You can use their safety as an excuse, and no self-respecting parent would judge. But, try and let go instead. Watching them in their youth wrestling singlets may be scary, yet it’s a necessary evil. Sanctioned sports are rough. However, there are rules and people on hand to keep it clean. Mollycoddling your kid will only make them want to stay inside and play video games.

Be Quiet

When you hear the term pushy parent, an image of a person screaming from the sidelines springs to mind. Moms and dads get involved in their kids sporting activities, and it’s a massive turn off. Rather than focus on playing and having a good time, they cringe at their parents who argue with the officials. Also, they rebel against the torrent of criticism which comes their way on the car ride home. Parents should take a leaf out of a child’s book and be seen and not heard.

Essentially, it is the children who have to take part, not the adults.