Despite rumors that Formula One 1 could use platforms like Netflix or Amazon for its live streaming service – Sean Bratches, managing director, commercial operations chief is clear that it will be done entirely in-house.

A big effort is being made to expand F1’s digital presence under new owners Liberty Media, and a live streaming service from races, plus other offerings in between events providing extra data and behind-the-scenes footage, are set to be rolled out for the start of next season.

“Liberty Media has always focused on the expansion of multimedia services,”  and this ‘over the top’ offering was going to attract bigger future audiences.  There’s clearly a need for greater openness to the internet and in this sense we have projects in the pipeline.

The live stream offerings will only be available in markets where it would not clash with pre-exiting television deals that have guaranteed exclusivity.

The launch of the service was one of the reasons that US broadcaster NBC shied away from renewing its rights deal, because it did not want to face competition from F1’s own promoter.

One market where the live streaming service is unlikely to be offered is the UK, as Sky has a multi-year exclusive contract.

More info to follow.