Roku is the number 1 most popular streaming media player in The United States; however, many are likely not taking full advantage of everything it has to offer.
So we wanted to take a moment and show you my top 5 Roku to help you get the most from your Roku player.

#1 Rename Your Roku Players

The ability to cast video and photos from your phone is great. The ability to send YouTube videos from your computer or phone to your TV is even better. But if you are like me and own multiple Roku’s sometimes it can be confusing to remember what serial number is the living room and what is the bedroom.

There is good news if you head over to your My Account page on Roku’s website you can rename your Roku boxes. That way you can easily figure out what Roku is in your living room and what one is in your bedroom without having to go find a serial number.  The onscreen keyboards are slow and painful to use. With the Roku app your mobile device can be used as a keyboard for usernames and passwords.

#2 Replay Captions

Ever miss what was said on the TV? Is the sound low so you don’t wake someone up or is it just hard to understand what was said? Roku now lets you enable captions for instant replay. Just hit the replay button and for the few seconds of the replay your Roku will enable closed captions. (Settings > Captions > click “Instant replay.”)

#3 Roku Apps

Roku has a super powerful and helpful app for Android, iOS, and Fire OS devices. This app will let you cast photos and videos from your phone or tablet to your TV. And you can use your mobile device as a remote for your Roku if you ever lose your remote.

#4 Mute Captions

We have all been there before. The game or show is on and the phone rings. So you hit mute but still want to know what is being said. Now with Roku TVs you can enable mute captions so any time your TV is muted the captions will automatically turn on.

#5 Cast Netflix or YouTube

Searching Netflix or YouTube on your TV is not nearly as fast or as easy as on your computer or phone. Now Roku will let you search for what show or video you want on your phone and cast it to your TV. All you need to do is hit the cast button on the Netflix or YouTube app and select your Roku player. (Note: You must be on the same Wi-Fi network for this to work.)