It’s a cold winter day.  You’re all bundled up keeping nice and warm but you need to use the maps app on your phone to get to your destination.  You have to take off your gloves to swipe and tap your way to figure it out.  Now at least one of your hands is cold and your phone nearly slips out of your other gloved hand.  For those of us living in colder winter climates, this is a regular occurrence.  One solution to this problem is available. The folks over at Glider Gloves were good enough to send over a pair of their touch screen friendly gloves for our review.

Glider Gloves

These are a thermally insulated gloves with conductive fibers wound throughout the entire glove that allow you to keep your hands protected while using your touch screen device.  The have a rubberized surface on the fingers and palms that provides a secure grip on your device. The interior is a softer material that feels comfortable on your skin.  The gloves are warm, but not very thick, so you don’t lose much manual dexterity. Unlike other products, since the conductive fibers are on all surfaces, you can use your fingertips, pads, even your knuckles to swipe and tap on your screen.

Glider Glove non-slip surface

I felt that the gloves did a good job of keeping my hands warm and were very good at their intended purpose. I used them on various devices from multiple manufacturers, and the touch performance was the same. There were no problems or difficulties encountered. The only issue I had was with the sizing. I normally wear an XL glove, which is the size that I evaluated, but these felt very snug at the base of my fingers. Other team members had the same observation. The product is made in Canada, so I’m not sure if there is a regional sizing difference that would account for this. Sizing differences aside, I found them to be a good solution. They would make a great stocking-stuffer.
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