If you are serious about getting a business off the ground, it can take a lot of time, effort, and many late nights! Being a working parent is all about prioritizing and organization. If you can structure your life accordingly, you will get anything accomplished. So, can you get a business off the ground within 90 days, only by working in the evening? Let’s find out.

Days 1 To 30

This is going to be the hardest part because you have to establish a working pattern, and you’ve got to get the most difficult parts out of the way first. This means lots of compromises, discussion, and dissection. The first thing you need to do, after having the best business idea, is that you need to start the key aspects so your business will hit the ground running. This means looking at your market validation, building a prototype of your website, and getting mockups of the product. It’s at this point where all of your expenses will come flying out. It’s vital for you to outsource key aspects where you can, there are companies like on https://www.dbl07.co/ that will consult with you to make your website as palatable as possible. In addition to this, this is where the business plan needs to be drafted. You can use websites such as https://www.bplans.com/ to give you a proper idea of how to draft a business plan. But, it’s not going to be set in stone right now.

Days 31 To 60

Once the key parts are in place, it’s now time to test them and make necessary tweaks. This means market research, getting opinions of your contemporaries, but also learning how to build this brand that you are going to throw out into the big wide world in two months’ time. It’s at this point you will be calling in financial favors, but also making sure that your business plan has been drafted, redrafted, and redrafted again, so that it contains your core values, how you plan on presenting your overall brand, but also a proper plan of your market trajectory. It’s at this point where you can show your results to the desired lenders.

Days 61 To 90

You are nearly home and dry. It’s at this point where the evenings are getting longer and longer, but the list of tasks is getting shorter. By this point, you need to establish a firm client base; you need to set up your promotional materials, from your blog to your social media accounts, to your podcasts or explainer videos. At this point, if you are serious about getting premises to work from, office space can be rented, but if you’re not there financially, you can spend this time working out of your home. By now, the products have been tested and are ready to go, your marketing tactics can go into overdrive, and it’s time to start selling.


This is the very start of it all, but if you really are hell-bent on getting a business set up in three months, these are the basic touchstones you need to hit.