We’re just days away from one of the most exciting and sensationalized sporting events of the year — Super Bowl Sunday! Do you have your cybersecurity game plan in place?

In the world of cybersecurity, the playbook is all about assembling the right team, implementing continuous defense, and committing to regular fitness. While your defense is becoming more sophisticated – so are the threats. This year more than ever we see hacked accounts, data loss,  and ransomware extortion posing an extreme threat to our security. There is no victory parade or off-season for cybersecurity. Make sure you’re prepared today, because everyday is Super Bowl Sunday in the cybersecurity world!

In the cybersecurity stadium, where high-fives are rare and there are no end-zone celebrations, here are 5 lessons that football has taught us so we can be victorious:

1. The best defense is a good offense!

No company can protect against the multitude of threats that are emerging everyday. So prepare your offense – update your antivirus, backup your files, and regularly change your passwords.

2. It’s a people’s game – as long as humans are involved, risk exists.

Be careful what you click on and download. Even with antivirus, viruses can get past. Don’t be distracted by security technology that may erroneously make you think you are safe from attack.

3. Winning takes continuous effort.

The fact is, cybersecurity is never done,  

4. Protect your assets!

In football you always protect the quarterback and the football – the team that does this best usually wins. It is no different with your computer. Identify your quarterback and make sure it’s protected: bank accounts, identities, and passwords need to be protected and that’s what you should focus on.

5. Teamwork is key.

A championship team wins by having a balanced approach: a strong defense, explosive offense, and opportunistic special teams. The same can be said about cybersecurity – while antivirus is important, it is not invincible.