Yesterday, the inaugural #EsportsActivate showcase featured several of America’s leading e-sports organizations who presented their media, experiential & digital and sponsorship dollars in #Esports and competitive gaming to marketers at the Sony PlayStation Theater in New York City.

There were a number of panels featuring senior-level media executives who spoke about their work with Esports and why they felt it’s so important to foster partnerships.

  •  What is Esports? Why is it hot?
  • Women in Esports and the video game industry
  • The Power of Data
  • Exploring the Esports brand, media & sponsorship model
  • Video games and the professional athlete

Millennial males are the core audience for the rapidly growing genre.  Female Esports fans represent 33% of the audience  and they share their experiences via social media.

Currently, Esports is nearly a billion-dollar business that has grown at an extraordinary speed over the past five years.  TV continues to transforms Esports and pro gaming.  As pro gaming continues to grow, so has interest in televising Esports among the broadcast and cable networks.

Looking forward to when #EsportsActivate returns to NYC in Fall of 2018.

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