With March Madness just over a week away, the personal-finance website WalletHub today released its NCAA Tournament Stats & Facts infographic to help get hoops lovers psyched for this magical time of year.

Best Cities for College Hoops Fans Worst Cities for College Hoops Fans
1 Chapel Hill, NC 280 Fairfax, VA
2 Lawrence, KS 281 Jonesboro, AR
3 Los Angeles, CA 282 Lynchburg, VA
4 Durham, NC 283 Colorado Springs, CO
5 Lexington, KY 284 Hackensack, NJ
6 Philadelphia, PA 285 Riverside, CA
7 Storrs, CT 287 Pocatello, ID
8 Bloomington, IN 287 Clinton, SC
9 East Lansing, MI 288 Daytona Beach, FL
10 College Park, MD 289 New Britain, CT

March Madness Stats & Facts

  • $8.98 Million: 2018 salary for college basketball’s highest paid coach, Duke’s Mike Krzyzewski (vs. $1.4M combined for Duke’s president and the state’s governor)
  • $6.3 Billion: Corporate losses due to unproductive workers during March Madness
  • $10.4 Billion: Amount wagered on the 2017 NCAA men’s basketball tournament ($10.1B illegally)
  • 18X: Difference between the average NBA rookie’s salary ($2.36M) and a D1 men’s basketball scholarship for a year ($130K)