Amazon’s Alexa is delving even deeper into Microsoft territory, as the digital brain, along with the Google Assistant, appear bound for Xbox to control the console via voice commands.

Windows Central reports that upcoming Xbox One builds will feature a new digital assistant section under the Kinect & Devices menu. There, users can enable Microsoft’s digital assistant Cortana, as well as Alexa and the Google Assistant.

(Windows Central Photo)

It remains unclear what kinds of capabilities digital assistants will have with Xbox, but they could fill the voice-controlled void left by the discontinued Kinect device. Such an integration could also lead to the ability to control an Xbox console via a Google Home or Amazon Echo.

Microsoft has gone the enterprise route with Cortana, focusing less on consumers and smart home integrations the way Amazon and Google are. It has not produced an in-house smart speaker like the Echo or Google Home, though Cortana did show up in the Harmon Kardon Invoke speaker last year.