VPNFilter Malware Continues To Infect Routers

The newest destructive malware in the online community is making us rethink the safety of our Wi-Fi routers. If you have internet at your home, chances are you have a router. VPNFilter is a new form of malware designed to penetrate routers, and it’s more vicious than we thought. 

VPNFilter is a type of malware that has the ability to monitor and intercept web traffic on your Wi-Fi network, as well as potentially download malicious threats onto your connected devices. It has a destructive capability, and can effectively “lock” your router if it receives a command from the attackers, rendering it unusable.

When VPNFilter was discovered two weeks ago, it was thought to affect roughly 15-20 home routers and NAS devices manufactured by a small number of companies. Now, in a new blog post, Cisco Talos has revealed that the list has expanded to include at least 56 types of routers from well-known brands such as Asus, D-Link, and Huawei. It is now believed that at least 500,000 routers have been affected, and the list is still growing.

So, could you be at risk? Yes. If you own a router from one of the affected vendors, you should take immediate precautions:

  • Reboot your router – this will stop VPNFilter in its tracks if your device is infected
  • Reset your password – this is always a best practice, so this is a great time to update it
  • Install a virtual private network (VPN) – this will encrypt your internet activity so even if your router gets infected, your activity stays private

 Choose the one that is best for you today: 

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    PureVPN also protects against these such threats. I have been using it since 2 years now and I am hapy with their service.

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