If you own a business, chances are that you will already understand the importance of branding. This activity will help your venture stand out from the competition and communicate its unique selling proposition. However, not all types of content are equally good for strengthening your brand and making it more visible. Below you will find five content types that are guaranteed to raise your profile online.

Short Videos

If you are engaged in social media marketing, you will know that some sites have video length restrictions, Not to mention that the attention span of your customers is getting shorter every day. If you would like to truly engage with customers and get your message across, you might consider creating a few short branding videos that communicate your unique selling proposition and the value you provide or your market.

Explainer Videos

Companies dealing with complex issues and things that are not often understood by clients can take advantage of explainer videos. If you provide value and help your potential clients out, you are more likely to build reciprocity and an emotional connection between them and your brand. You can create explainer long-form videos to increase your online visibility, help your clients choose the right product or service, or to emphasize the benefits of what you offer.   

Case Studies

In case you are selling high ticket items, your sales cycle will be longer, and you will need to give your potential clients more time to make up their mind. While they are doing it, you can use content to help them make an informed decision in the form of case studies and white papers. These can help you clearly define and clarify your corporate brand identity by presenting facts in an informative way. Publishing case studies will help your potential clients determine whether or not they can relate to the solution you are offering.


You will also be able to engage with your target market, entertain and educate them through infographics. There are plenty of great templates to be found online, and you can add videos or animation to make your content more interesting. You can boost your brand visibility, as infographics are very easy to share on social media and blogs. You can create content explaining the benefits of your service or product, or simply publish your results and customer ratings.


You might think that surveys only serve one purpose; getting information out of people. However, they are also great for branding. If people appreciate that you listen to their views and are happy to share their insights, they will form an emotional bond with your brand. As a result, you will not only get data you can publish in different content forms, but also engagement and a better understanding of your customers.

If you would like to raise your profile online and increase your brand visibility, these simple-to-create forms of content will help you achieve your goal. Create clear and unique branding messages, and use them consistently in every content form.