If You’re On The Internet You Should Be Using A VPN

If you use the internet then you know there is always a concern people could be watching your activity and stealing your personal information. That’s why we recommend getting a VPN right now. Keep reading to learn what a VPN is, the benefit of having one and the best VPN for you.

What is a VPN?

A virtual private network, or VPN, acts like a tunnel so you can exchange data securely, and anonymously across the internet. How it works is that data going between a connected device, like your laptop, and a VPN server is encrypted, and as a result, any application running on the network is secure and private.

What many people don’t know is your home Wi-Fi network can be just as unsafe as a public Wi-Fi network. Home routers can be infected and become compromised, affecting your security and privacy. An additional layer of security provided by a VPN can keep hackers, cyber criminals, and data thieves away.

Benefits of a VPN:

  • Location privacy – you can hide your IP address and location from public view, which means your location stays private. Trick companies that try to make you pay more based on your physical location!
  • Anonymous browsing – this helps keep your information anonymous and safe from third parties. So you’re not vulnerable to cybercrime or snooping. Your data is never logged so everyone else stays out of your personal browsing.

How do you use a VPN?

The best part: VPNs are super simple to set up. Download a VPN, sign up and then open the app and click “Connect”. Now you can access whatever you want and know your safe because your browsing is secure and private. Try a VPN and enjoy secure and private access to the internet today.

What VPNs do we recommend? 

1Nord VPN – with 5 out of 5 stars on PCMag this is a top tier VPN service. You can use Nord VPN on 6 devices simultaneously plus it includes an ad blocker that also blocks web threats for good measure. Included is its military grade security so your data is protected from hacking and surveillance, and all without compromising the speed or strength of your internet. Plans start at $2.75 a month which is a steal! Give it a try today.


Here’s a link to other (Free) VPN options.

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