Got spare PVC pipe? Now’s the time to put it to work, making useful and fun projects!

 With a few simple fittings, common home-improvement-store PVC pipe can be treated much like building blocks. And with simple step-by-step instructions, The PVC Pipe Book: Projects for the Home, Garden, and Homestead by Chris Peterson (Voyageur Press, paperback, $21.99) will teach you to use PVC pipe in new ways for DIY projects that are useful indoors and outside. Whether you have spare pipe at home or remains you can re-use, Peterson covers all the basics, as well as finishing techniques on how to work with PVC pipe so you love your results.

For anyone who needs insight and a few tips on working with PVC, this new book covers simple creations like chicken feeders and waterers, to more complex builds like a rolling workshop table. With easy to follow instructions, parts lists, and photographs of completed projects, anyone can build and create. Discover how to make practical creations, like a step-stoolsafety gate or gardening caddy, fun, fanciful projects, like a rocket launcherwater table, or soccer goal, or homestead projects like pet washerschicken feedersbirdhouses, and hanging herb gardens. Each project features step-by-step instructions, parts lists and photographs. With more than 50 inventive creations to try, the possibilities never end! And as PVC is a durable, easy to purchase item, these projects are not only useful, but will last a long time!

With plenty of options for homeowners, gardeners, homesteaders, preppers, or just a parent looking for new toy ideas, you can save time and money by doing it yourself! And with spring not far away, these projects will be fun to try when the weather is nice. The PVC Pipe Book is the perfect resource to answer any storage, gardening, toy or furniture problem using just one key material!

 Chris Peterson is a veteran home improvement and design author. Among the many books he has written are 5-Gallon Bucket Book, Building with Secondhand Stuff, Manskills, four books in the Ideas You Can Use series, and many books in Cool Springs Press’s BLACK+DECKER Complete Guide series.

Published by Voyageur Press | Available now

Softback, 144 pages | $21.99 USD | ISBN: 9780760360897