Just like with anything in our daily lives, most of us strive to not only make our home feel well decorated but also more luxurious and expensive as well. But how do you get the look right without having to take out a second mortgage?

To help you make your home look more expensive without breaking the bank, we asked Décor Aid interior designers for their essential tips to help you stylishly elevate your home for added impact.


make your home look more expensive flooring

Before you think about updating furniture and placement for a more expensive look, start with the foundation of a room – its flooring.

From polishing your existing flooring to bringing in new rugs, its best to start from the ground up when considering a room refresh as it’ll work as a starting point for everything you envision the room to be.


make your home look more expensive wall treatments

While there’s nothing wrong with a classic white wall, a colorful accent wall, fresh paint, and vibrant wall coverings can make any room feel better judged, more expansive, and expensive.

The key here is to go for the unexpected to really make a unique statement. From a shocking hue to a humorous graphic wallpaper, go for a bolder touch to elevate your space with confidence.


make your home look more expensive moldings

When considering upgrading something as simple as a hallway or stairwell, fresh molding can make a huge difference and our renovation experts were quick to point out that the stairwell featured here did so with stunning success.

By adding easy to install matte paneling, the stairwell looks all the more luxurious, expensive, and customized. Follow suit and think about small areas where you can create the same memorable effect. And for a truly unique take, painting molding and trim in darker colors like a high-gloss black will make a room instantly feel well put together, and more expensive with little investment on your part.


make your home look more expensive heirloom antiques

Just because you’re looking to make your home look and feel more expensive doesn’t mean that you have to spend a fortune on doing so.

Instead, get resourceful and scour local secondhand shops, estate sales, and online markets for well-made heirloom pieces that won’t break the bank as they simply don’t make furniture so meticulously crafted anymore. And besides making your home feel more expensive, they’ll also lend it a unique, one of a kind feel.


make your home look more expensive metallics

It probably goes without saying that high-shine metallics are a surefire way to make your home look more expensive instantly. Plus, metallics pair well with every design style, from the minimal to the maximal, and they help to make rooms appear larger and brighter to boot.


make your home look more expensive texture

No matter how minimal the décor and spirit of your home may be, adding texture should be considered an essential element from room to room for an elevated feel.

That said, small doses of texture will do just fine via pillows, throws, and trim for an instant room upgrade.


make your home look more expensive art

By creating distinct focal points that double as conversation starters through art and sculptural elements, you’ll instantly up the luxury factor in your home while also making it look well-judged and complete.

Ditch the DIY crafty pieces and inspirational quotes for art pieces that are more grown-up and substantial.


make your home look more expensive curtains

When it comes to window treatments, the more expansive they are, the more of a luxurious note they’ll leave in a room. To get the look right, make sure that your curtains pool along the floor for a languid, casual look that’ll make your ceilings look higher.

And if you’re working with blinds that you can’t afford to replace or if they came with your rental, a simple and affordable curtain panel or two covering them can make all the difference.


make your home look more expensive layered lighting

Often enough, our interior designers note that when they walk through a client’s home before starting a project, that lighting schemes are either totally neglected or completely looked over.

Don’t fall victim to a cold single overhead light in any room. Instead, add depth and a luxurious sense of comfort with layered lighting brought in from various sources placed in different areas and at different heights. In general, when you take that extra step to rethink what you already have and how you could make it better, you’ll be on your way to recreating your home with a luxurious spin.