Did you know 41% of Americans will gain weight as a result of their desk jobs. Yes, it’s all about what you’re in-taking into your body, posture and staying hydrated.   If you’ve followed us – here are some words of advice for those looking to shape up in the office.

1. Try a standing desk:

“A standing desk not only improves posture and core strength, it is also a welcome change of pace to an every day routine.”

2. Separate food from your office social life:

“Many workplaces link food to employee interaction through events such birthdays, client meetings and holidays. Learning to socialize without food can make for healthier and happier employees.”

3. Bring a water bottle:

“Many people eat throughout the work day not because they are hungry, but because they are bored. Bringing a water bottle to work not only helps with hydration, it also goes a long way towards eliminating cravings.”