Yesteryear, we would say wrasslin or to most folks – it was called the wonderful world of wrestling – not this stuff (more like crap) that’s going on today – it’s all about promos. (Honorable mention to The Rock & Triple H) Prior to Vince McMahon acquiring all the smaller regional wrestling organizations – you had your choice of watching based on your geographical location.  (this predates cable TV) In the golden era of the 1980s no one ever cut a better promo than a “son of a plumber” Virgil Riley Runnels Jr aka “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes.

Dusty’s feud with Ric Flair and the Four Horsemen (founding members – Ole & Arne Anderson, Tully Blanchard and of course Flair) were arguably the greatest feud of all time (honorable mention to the [Taskmaster] Kevin Sullivan) and the promos stood toe to toe with the “Nature Boy” Ric’s Flair.  Leading up to Starrcade 1985 – Dusty delivers a sermon that’s prophetic as he references many of the issues facing our blue collar workers today!  My favorite Dusty Rhodes promo was “Hard Times”.

Growing up – my friends and I would watch the various divisions (AWA, WWF [prior to the official “entertainment” name change] UWF, NWA, Florida Championship Wrestling, Mid South, Mid Atlantic, etc) for the matches, but the experience was enhanced by the “promos” leading up to a specific card or bi-monthly wrestling showcase.  Things just “ain’t” the same for gangsters – unfortunately, nor will they ever be – again!!!

Dusty Rhodes was to wrestling – is what JadaKiss is to Hip Hop – Top 5 – Wanted Dead or Alive. If you doubt it – here’s a link to Bleacher Report’s Dusty Rhodes’ Top 10 Greatest Promos of All Time

Do I ever miss the golden days of Dusty’s signature “Bionic Elbow” move, short-lived alter-ego The Midnight Rider and Jim Crockett promotions – Daddy!!!