Optimize Your Browser For Online Safety

This article lets you know what to look for in your internet browser. Whether you use Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Apple’s Safari we have all the info you need.

One simple thing we recommend to protect your browsing privacy is to invest in a VPN. A VPN acts like a tunnel so you can exchange data securely and anonymously over the internet. Check out these great deals from the following VPNs: Hotspot ShieldNord VPN, or Express VPN.

What could a browser protect me from?

All browsers have solid security architecture created to shield you from cyber attacks. Typosquatting and browser hijacking are examples of malicious online threats. Browsers work to flag dangerous sites like these. The Google Chrome browser has recently cracked down on this a lot.

Data breaches aren’t something you can always control through your browser. Just be wary of where you upload information or open accounts. For example, Family Tree is an example of a site that is extremely invasive– make sure you do your research before opening online accounts.

You also need to be wary of which search engines you use. When you search online make sure you click on links that don’t have “Ad” written underneath them.

Most mainstream browsers have “sandbox” protection which divorces your search engine from your operating system to protect your computer. However, malware in your browser still steals data about your online habits and can affect your browsing experience.

Precautions to Take:

  • Update your browser whenever it prompts you, reset it often, and check your extensions. Keep your online activity private by looking into your browser’s security settings.
  • Browse anonymously with VPNs like Hotspot ShieldNord VPN, or Express VPN. These VPNs will encrypt your data so your browsing stays private.


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    Lately I’m using Surfshark extension when I need to. I heard their app is pretty smooth too. It be ideal if everyone started using the browsers that are actually safe combined with a VPN though. Some secure browsers are listed here: https://medium.com/@felixeisenhauer77/the-best-secure-browsers-2019-6a8374f6195f?source=friends_link&sk=5c110220bd2fb6745af033c062a46fce

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