We’re looking at the Ewinracing’s Flash Series XL Gaming Chair!

EWINRACING’S  gaming chairs is a relatively new name to us and this lineup of Gaming Chairs isn’t something we see on the market a lot, so we decided to take a look, get one and review it for your convenience.

We chose the XL model for its extra size capacity due to our height/weight. From our first exposure to this chair it was apparent of how sturdy it was from top to bottom. All parts are built for durability and quality. No defects were visible upon unboxing the chair parts. We found the installation a little bit clumsy due to instructions that were lacking details.

The Ewin Chair XL Series Ergonomic gaming chair is a sturdy looking gaming chair for a decent price. The chair comes with all the standard functionality you’re used to seeing such as 360-degree swivel and tilt back. How does it hold up in terms of comfort though?

This is by far, the largest lumbar cushion that we’ve come across on a gaming chair. Other gaming chair manufacturers include smaller cushions that are not as firm as this model. This one takes things a step further by including a large, plush lumbar support cushion that you can really lay in to.

As someone who sits in their chair all day — my back really appreciate the ergonomic configuration.

This entire Ewin Flash XL chair was designed around durability and comfort. The armrests are highly resistant to wear, tear and the occasional arm pounding because they’re being supported with solid steel. The look of the Ewin gaming chair is quite fierce and we look the overall color scheme.

The Ewin Flash XL chair is an extremely durable chair. It’s one of the most durable we’ve ever gotten to test as a matter of fact. The Ewin Flash XL chair is extremely well built. They placed steel construction and materials in all the vital areas so not only will this chair last a really long time, you’ll have no issues with it, regardless of your weight.

The lumbar pillow lines up perfectly with the inner seam stitching job of the Ewin Flash XL chair. It’s not overly expensive and the base we’d say is medium built which is more than adequate for most gaming chairs or customers.

The Good

  • ​​Complete with 360-degree swivel technology
  • ​The angle of the backrest is adjustable to up to 150+ degrees, which allows for increased incline position, if you want to relax or take a nap
  • ​The armrests are completely adjustable and even removable if those are not something you like to have on a gaming chair

The Bad

​My 11 year old son assembled the chair…..without following the directions. The directions appeared slightly confusing, so I would suggest doing it based on the PDF from the companies website.

The Real Story

If you’re looking for a medium range PC GAMING CHAIR and something that won’t break the bank but will still keep you comfortable, look no further than the Ewin Chair Flash XL Series Ergonomic Office Computer Gaming Chair.  It has all types of features and functionalities in a gaming chair. The EWin Flash XL chair is a very comfortable chair.

Enjoy Your GAMING!