“Endgame” crossed $2 billion in ticket sales this weekend. A look at the records it has already broken

  • Biggest opening weekend ever globally ($1.2 billion)
  • Biggest opening weekend ever domestically ($357.1 million)
  • Biggest U.S. movie in China ($550 million and counting)
  • Biggest U.S. movie in India ($50 million and counting)
  • Fastest movie to $2 billion

There is no question the film will be one of the top two highest-grossing movies ever. But can it dethrone “Avatar’”? James Cameron’s epic grossed $2.788 billion. So “Endgame” has about $1 billion to go.

The Pro: The opening for “Endgame” dwarfed “Avatar,” and “Endgame” has already topped it in some of the aforementioned foreign markets. Movies generate more money internationally than they used to.

The con: “Avatar” stayed #1 in the U.S. for 7 weeks. It’s hard to see any movie doing that, even “Endgame.”