Brooklyn Crafted is a line of craft beverages on a mission to define the field of craft sodas and beverages. Simplicity, quality and taste, combined with a focused concern for natural, high-quality ingredients has created the precedent for our products. Brooklyn Crafted Ginger BeersBrooklyn Crafted’s collection includes ginger beers and ginger ales made with 100% fresh,unfiltered ginger pieces you can actually SEE!

  • Featuring a variety of flavors for our 12 oz. bottle variety: Classic Ginger Ale, Sugar Free Ginger Ale, Extra Spicy Ginger Beer, Extra Spicy Sugar Free Ginger Beer, Lemon Lime Ginger Beer and Mango Ginger Beer.
  • Our 7 oz. mini bottle varieties include: Extra Spicy, Earl Grey, Lemon Lime and Mango
  • MSRP: $1.99 for 12oz bottles / 4-pack: $6.99, $1.49 for 7oz bottles / Available on the Brooklyn Crafted website