Just like they sound, ductless air systems are designed to function without air ducts. Instead, an outside condensing connects to one or more wall units that deliver cool and warm air for maximum year-round comfort, energy savings, and quiet operation.

Here are just three ways you can put the convenience of ductless air to work for you.

No Existing Ductwork

Some home weren’t built with air ducts. In other homes, it would be cost prohibitive to install them, assuming they can be installed at all. So why settle for window units or portable air conditioners when you can enjoy akk the benefits of ductless air….in one room, two, or even throughout your home.

Room Addition

Most heating and cooling systems don’t have the added capacity to provide the right amount of comfort in a new room or finished basement – just as two examples. Now, instead of replacing them, you can heat and cool the new space with ductless air and save a ton of money in the process.

Bolstering Your Existing HVAC Systems

Let’s say you have a two-story home where you enjoy perfect comfort downstairs but, come summer, the upstairs bedrooms are like ovens. Enter a new ductless air system to pick up where existing heating and cooling systems leave off.

Is a ductless air system right for you?