Let’s face it: the process of moving house is a lot of work. While you may be excited at the prospect of living in a brand new home, there’s a lot to do before you can properly settle down — whether it’s organizing the logistics of the move or saying goodbye to the memories you formed in your current residence. 

The Washington Post reports that moving can greatly impact your child’s mental health, but cases like relocating for a new job or for family emergencies often mean that moving cannot be helped. That’s why navigating all of this with kids in tow can be extra challenging, but it’s thankfully not impossible. Keeping a level head and coming to grips with this difficult process is the first step in ensuring that the move goes smoothly. That said, here are some things that are worth keeping in mind: 

Look after your children’s wellbeing

Moving is a scary process for children, and part of your job at this time will be to make sure that they’re feeling okay. The Child Mind Institute recommends that you involve your children as much as possible and keep them in the loop. Aside from breaking the news to them early, you might also want to involve them in packing up or taking things down. 

Make sure that the home itself is ready

By now, your family might be all packed up and ready to move in. The question is, however, is the house ready? This guide by Yoreevo details some key factors you need to inspect before you start moving your possessions into your new home. Ensuring that all the utilities and fixtures are in check might be an onerous process, but it pay-offs as you can settle into your new home in peace. 

Hire professionals

Hiring movers and cleaners is always a good idea when it comes to a move, but making the investment is even more important when you have a family to take care of, too. Our Late Night Parents guide to moving house has some tips you should keep in mind when hiring a moving or cleaning service. Hiring a team that can also help you pack (not just move), for instance, will make the process much more efficient for you and your family. 

Know what you can replace

Things like dishes and bedsheets are a no-brainer, but dig a little deeper and look around your new neighborhood. If there’s a furniture store or an appliance center nearby, you may want to consider ditching your well-worn sofa, stains and all, and use this move as a time to buy a new one. Remember to choose wisely, as you don’t want to overhaul your entire house and worry about how to move all your new stuff in. 

Say goodbye properly

You’re not just moving out of a house; you’re leaving behind your neighborhood and the community of people that live in it. Throwing a party with family friends and schoolmates ensures that your little ones leave their home with happy memories. Even if you’re not a fan of parties, the simple gesture of hosting an intimate dinner or making your rounds to visit all your neighborhood haunts lets your kids know that goodbyes don’t have to be forever.