Whether you love to ski, play golf, cycle or even race, overexposure to sunlight always acts as a hindrance, further affecting your performance. Especially during the summertime, the rays of the sun are warmer, direct and last for a longer time. 

How can being outdoors for a long time affect your eyes? 

Did you know that the sun emits these harmful rays called UV rays (ultraviolet rays) whereby direct exposure to these rays can have a straight impact on the human eye? Especially for sportspersons who have a much higher chance of being impacted by these rays. The aftermath of exposure to these UV rays can be long lasting and might require eye surgery to regain the vision. Of course, just for this reason, you cannot just abandon your favorite sport.

How to gain UV protection?

But what if there is a much easier and cheaper solution to this problem rather than going through eye surgery? Did you know that you can gain UV protection just by equipping yourself with the right pair of sunglasses or goggles? Yes! A pair of good quality sunglasses are enough to tackle the UV rays and protect your eyes from its harmful effects.

The Vision Council’s campaign of celebrating ‘National Sunglasses Day’ on June 27th aims to spread the awareness of how important a pair of sunglasses are and how they can protect your eyes from getting impaired, by blocking away the harmful effects of the ultraviolet rays released from the sun.  A good quality pair of sunglasses have UV filters that protect our eyesight when outdoors.

This National Sunglasses Day, make sports sunglasses as a part of your sports equipment and keep playing without fear with SmartBuyGlasses. SmartBuyGlasses is known for its unique designs, making you look cool and stylish while playing your sports outdoors. Here you can find affordable and fashionable sunglasses.

Here is our sports guide to your preferred that gives UV protection with style:


Golf by itself is already a cool sport so why not equip cool sunglasses along with it?

  Oakley OO9009 FLAK JACKET

Nike GOLF X2 EV0870 

After hitting a home run it might get a bit difficult to see where the ball went, so why not equip yourself with the right pair of sports glasses?

 Oakley OO9208 RADAR EV PATH



Even while cycling you cannot escape from the UV rays! A perfect pair of wraparound sunglasses is all you need!

 Oakley OO9208 RADAR EV PATH 


Water sports 

Swim with UV protection and style with these amazing pair of sunglasses!

 Prada Linea Rossa PS02US 

Costa Del Mar Fisch Polarized

Snow sports 

Sometimes even in winters when the sun is out and strong you might get affected with UV rays! Check out our collection of ski goggles and other sunglasses perfect for snow right here :

Oakley OO7085 FALL LINE 

Julbo SNIPER L J700

Join the campaign with SmartBuyGlasses and VisionCouncil and have an amazing National Sunglasses Day with a new pair of sunglasses!