Silicon Valley is becoming a hub of activity in developing apps and devices that focus on senior citizens, technology’s final frontier.

Companies from the home to many start-ups and global technology companies flood with calls from entrepreneurs wanting to share what they have. Citizens from different parts of the US are expressing their desire to have their new senior citizen apps and devices tested and introduced.

Senior Citizen Apps and Devices For Health Monitoring

Togg, is a device that helps predict falls among senior citizens by analyzing a user’s heart rate, gait, motion as well as the frequency of toilet visit. Using its radar sensors, it monitors a senior citizen’s breathing and even the nursing home resident’s position.

TrueLoo, the smart toilet is called the bathroom of the future answers the makers’ design to make the overall user experience as seamless as possible. It functions by optically scanning and analyzing the toilet bowl content to detect early signs of viruses, urinary tract infection as well as dehydration.

Senior Citizen Apps That Keeps Them Engaged

Amazon’s Alexa proved that its fame is not for one generation alone. Eskaton, a senior citizen service provider for 30 communities found out that it is more natural for senior citizens to use voice control as Alexa’s than trying to make them use tablets.

It’s Never Too Late, a company that offered a 70in high-definition touchscreen computer kept the senior citizens engaged using modern technology even for those who are not so experienced with the use of technology. The company provided the seniors with a wide variety of access to a library of college lectures, travel videos, music playlists and more.

Extension Places

Silicon Valley inspired Trousdale is an innovation hub in Burlingame, California. They provide their new senior residents with a tablet computer and they created their bedrooms with smart sensors adapting to their occupants’ routines.

Sunny View, a retirement community in Cupertino, California uses a computer stimulated through from immersive 3D virtual reality systems. The technology they use is especially designed to promote senior citizen wellness.

Rhoda Goldman Plaza, a San Francisco based residential care facility uses Useful Apps club allowing their senior residents to unlock the potential of their smartphone. They also provide basics on how to use Alexa, medication reminders and pill organizer.