Over the past few years mobile security has become increasingly important. However, many are completely unaware that their mobile device is just as vulnerable, if not more, than their computer. If the proper security measures aren’t taken sensitive information could end up in the wrong hands. Here’s 5 ways you can improve your mobile security.

1. Have a password on your phone.

Although patterns are convenient – pins and passwords are more secure and harder to break. Having a good password to access your phone means even if your phone gets stolen, you’re still safe.

2. Don’t use the same password twice.

Using the same password on multiple accounts or apps gives an attacker easy access to your personal data that’s stored on these accounts. Password managers are handy tools to save you from harmful hackers. These tools handle most of the work for you, by easily creating unique, long and secure passwords across all your devices.

3. Use an antivirus that is compatible across computers and mobile devices.

An antivirus for your phone can scan apps, websites and files, keeping your device and accounts secure. Make sure it’s compatible across PCs, Mac, tablets and smartphones which make it a great antivirus to have. You can ensure that you stay protected across all your devices.

4. Back-up your information safely.

Backing up your personal information is essential in today’s world, but making sure that it’s done safely and securely is key. All of your mobile data is encrypted so even if hackers were able to access it, they wouldn’t be able to decrypt it into something usable. With SOS you can rest easy knowing you won’t lose any of your data.

5. Don’t jailbreak or use unofficial apps.

If an app isn’t verified, don’t download it. It could easily be fake or filled with malware that will become active when you install it.

6. Avoid public networks.

Just like on your computer, public networks are less secure than private ones, and that makes it easier for cyber criminals to access your device while you are using public Wifi.