The holiday shopping season is here, which means you’re probably buying a lot of gifts online!

Statistics show that package thefts across the country have increased in recent years. C+R Research shows that 36% of Americans have had a package stolen in the past year, and 56% of consumers know someone who has had a package stolen.

To prevent porch pirate thefts, experts have these effective tips:

Consider having packages delivered to your office or place of employment instead of your home.

Ask family members, neighbors and friends to accept deliveries or pick-up your packages.

Request packages to be placed in another place that can be spotted – like a side door, behind a planter or garbage can.

Upgrade your mailbox – Parcel Guard is one example of a smart mailbox that can help protect your deliveries.

Use tracking numbers and delivery notifications. Most companies can send you a text, email or app notification when your package arrives or is expected.

Schedule packages to be delivered when someone is home – some shipping companies allow you to request a delivery time or day.

Some companies and shippers offer locker service.

Have packages be held at the delivery distribution center or at the store for pick-up.

Install a security camera.