If you’re anything like me, you may have been using your Roku device a bit more over the past few weeks. Hopefully, these 5 Roku features will make streaming TV at home a little easier for everyone in the house.

1. Private listening

Listen, we’ve all likely binge-watched something the past couple weeks. If you’ve ever had to cut a binge session short because you didn’t want to disturb your partner or the kids who may have just fallen asleep, then private listening is the feature for you. It allows you to listen to your streaming audio as loud as you want, while keeping things quiet for everyone around you.

If your Roku remote has a headphone jack, simply plug your headphones to enjoy your latest TV binge session without disturbing others in the house. Private listening is also available via the free Roku mobile appon our streaming devices.

Watch the video below to learn more.

2. Watching The Roku Channel on mobile

Did you know that you can stream great free entertainment on the go? Tap the “Roku Channel” icon in the Roku mobile app to access hundreds of hit movies, popular shows, 24/7 live news, and more – all completely free. Watch live news in-between meetings or have a movie marathon while getting some sunshine in the backyard. Here’s what’s new on The Roku Channel.


3. Screensavers + themes

In addition to the collection of screensavers in the Roku Channel Store and in your device’s settings (go to Settings > Screensaver), did you know you can create a screensaver for your TV using the pictures stored on your mobile device?

To use this feature, open the Roku mobile app for iOS or Android, tap Media > Screensaver. Select up to 25 images, set the style (HQ Still or Pan and Zoom), and the speed (15, 20, or 30 seconds), click Set Screensaver. Now you can re-live past family outings and vacations right on your TV screen!


4. Save time searching with the mobile app keyboard

If you’ve made it this far into the post, you’ve probably realized that downloading the Roku mobile app is a must! It’s full of cool features, including a handy keyboard. The keyboard in the mobile app will save you time when you need to enter a long email address or search for a  movie title on your Roku device.


5. Latest News

If you’re simply trying to stay informed and up to date these days, we’ve added an easy way to find top news channels all in one, easy to find place. “Latest News” is a new menu item we’ve added on the Roku Home Screen that brings you to a curated zone consisting of top news channels for national, local, and financial information.


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Happy Streaming!