Even though Amazon is best known for its retail operations, there is another arm of the company that is responsible for its billions: AWS or Amazon Web Services. This cloud computing platform offers a variety of crucial features, including database storage and content delivery, that enable companies big and small to scale their businesses. And the majority of household names rely on AWS for its core business functions, including tech giants such as Airbnb and Netflix.

With so much demand for AWS, there are naturally plenty of jobs out there (six-figure ones we should add) that require familiarity, or even advanced skills, in the platform. For those who don’t already have these on their CV, The AWS Certification Training Master Class Bundle (currently $59) comes in handy.

Think of the bundle as your ultimate AWS online bootcamp. The lessons are broken down into nine key courses and cover a huge range of relevant topics, including cloud deployment, understanding security configurations, and managing and encrypting files. If you don’t fully understand the technical jargon yet, don’t worry; All of the lessons are taught by leaders at the Certs-School, a leading online education site that specializes in AWS solutions, who will break down dense materials into short, digestible lessons. This makes learning even the most foreign of tech topics, easy and intuitive. Students will even receive real-life projects that will give them hands-on experience, too.

Those eyeing up a career switch will also be glad to know that the curriculum also prepares digital students for a number of AWS certifications exams, a key piece of the puzzle to landing an AWS architect job.