Clorox is running its plants 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in order to meet the increasing demand for its disinfectant products, and still, Clorox wipes are in short supply.

With demand for disinfectants up 500 percent amid the coronavirus pandemic and when you should expect to see them back on shelves.

Wipes are in short supply right now, but the good news is Clorox are delivering their wipes to stores every single day. Unfortunately, they’re being snagged just about as soon as they hit shelves, many times within minutes.

Consumers should be able to go into a store and find Clorox wipes come this summer.

Clorox is contracting with third-party suppliers who are helping make product. They are ensuring that it’s prioritizing making products that disinfect in it’s cleaning lineup and that’s going to help us get into a better position in the summer.