Due to the recent pandemic, online retailers are seeing a spike in sales of Bane masks. Turns out, the headgear made popular by Tom Hardy’s character in The Dark Knight Rises is becoming a much-coveted accessory for folks looking for face coverings to wear to protect themselves from Covid-19.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, online costume retailers like Costume.com are sold out of the masks, and sellers on Etsy are churning out cloth versions at a rapid pace. “Looking at sales figures, the adult mask had quite a sales spike in April and early May, which is unusual for this time of year”.

Many local governments, including those in Los Angeles and New York, have required people to wear masks when they go outside to slow the spread of the coronavirus; it only makes sense that people would get creative in how they do so.

But we feel like we should note, however, that plastic costume masks probably won’t do much to protect you or others from infection—you’re better off making your own.