The organizers of the Consumer Electronics Show are placing a bet that they can orchestrate an in-person CES 2021 next January in Las Vegas.

According to the CES website, the 2021 tech event will feature major brands, some top-tier speakers and an array of considerations made in the name of the COVID-19 pandemic.

There will also be an expanded digital component. “You can expect to see a wider selection of livestreamed CES content, along with many other engaging digital and virtual opportunities, enabling you to connect with the world’s leading technology innovators, thought leaders and policymakers,” the site says. “We will showcase our exhibitors’ products, technology breakthroughs and ideas to the world, both physically in Las Vegas and digitally.”

Of course, any in-person event of such magnitude will be forced to contend with the realities of the coronavirus era. For CES, that means new considerations for conferences, meetings and other events where people gather. Organizers say they’re working with local authorities to implement best practices and embrace recommendations made by public health experts.