Sony has finally given us our first look at the PlayStation 5, unveiling the next-gen console’s futuristic design.

The black core of the console is sandwiched in between two white curvy bits that look suitably futuristic, but it also kind of resembles a Wi-Fi router with two bits of A4 paper stuck on the sides.

Just like the Xbox Series X, and many of the previous consoles, the PS5 can be placed vertically or horizontally underneath a TV or monitor.

You’ll be able to choose from two different versions of the console: one with a 4K Blu-ray disc drive, and a Digital Edition for people who like their shelves to be empty.

The console without the disc drive appears to be slightly thinner than the standard edition, probably because it’s missing a massive piece of hardware.

Sony also announced some of the accessories that will be available for the PlayStation 5, including a DualSense charging station, a new HD camera, a Pulse 3D wireless headset and a media remote.

The PlayStation 5 is expected to be released towards the end of 2020.