Twitter has announced that it is rolling out a feature that allows you to attach audio to your tweets — similar to a voice note message.

The feature, announced on the official Twitter account, will initially roll out to iOS users only.

When a user attaches a voice or audio recording, it will appear as a graphic with their current profile picture.

The feature adds an additional option in the compose tweet window. Next to the usual camera icon, iOS users will now find a wavelength icon for audio recording.

Each voice tweet can record up to 140 seconds of audio. If you continue to record for longer, Twitter adds the additional audio to a new tweet.

While creating voice tweets is limited to iOS users, anyone on the platform will be able to listen to them. Twitter notes that the feature will initially only be available to a limited group of users, but will roll out to everyone on iOS in the coming weeks.

You can see an example of an audio tweet below:

However, it’s unclear how introducing this feature will affect the moderation of community guidelines — especially when it comes to hate speech and fake news. Twitter recently started testing a feature to prompt users to read before retweeting to combat the spread of misinformation.

But voice tweets might open a whole new can of worms when it comes to malicious content on the platform.