Summer 2020 Prescription:

have fun in the Sun

At GoSun, we are strong believers in the great outdoors for nurturing our minds and bodies. This is a simple reminder to GET OUTSIDE, go barefoot, swim in the pond, have a bonfire, explore off trail, fly a kite, or nap in a hammock.  

Here’s five outdoor activities to inspire life with less walls:

  1. Go for a hike to identify birds, insects, and plants – identify new plants with this app
  2. Plant a fall garden
  3. Cook outdoors
  4. Go for a roadtrip, rent an RV on Outdoorsy
  5. Watch the Comet NEOWISE until July 19th

We don’t go outdoors or into the woods to “rough it,” we go there to smooth it.  We get it rough enough in the city.