Amazon has sent an email to top podcasters on Monday announcing Amazon Music and Audible will be adding podcasts to their apps.

Amazon Music and Audible will stream podcasts directly from wherever a show is hosted. Several hosting companies have already begun alerting shows that they needed to add Amazon Music and Audible as a destination so that they are in the directory when their podcast feature goes live.

Hello Podcaster,

We’re excited to let you know that Amazon Music and Audible will be adding podcasts to our respective services, including Amazon Music’s free tier. Please note that this information is confidential. In advance of launch, we would like to invite you to make your podcast(s) available on our services. Agreeing to add your content ensures your podcast(s) will be available to Amazon Music’s rapidly growing audience of over 55 million customers.

Both Amazon Music and Audible will stream your content directly from wherever you host it; we will not rehost your content. You may have already received a similar notice from your hosting provider, and you can either opt-in through your hosting provider’s standard process by accepting the Amazon Music/Audible agreement there, or accept the agreement and submit your content directly here.

Thank you, and we look forward to sharing your podcast with our listeners!

Amazon Music Podcast Team
 Submit Your Podcast

That appears to be an indication that technically speaking podcasts will be native to Amazon’s Echo smart speakers and Fire TV because no third party-skills would be required.

The content licensing agreement that has been sent to podcasters reportedly includes provisions that show hosts are not to say anything negative about Amazon or its products.