Disney Pixar movies have captured people’s hearts across generations, and audiences loved the magic of the latest Pixar movie Onward, too. But with theaters shutting down during the pandemic, it’s a good time to stay in and revisit your favorite Pixar movies on Disney+. 

We’ve created a national report revealing each state’s favorite Pixar movie in 2020. Which Pixar films does America love most?

Read the full report here:https://www.cabletv.com/blog/americas-most-beloved-pixar-movies-2020

Report highlights include:

  • Cars, the animated automobile adventure was our winner, picking up 13 states’ most-searched-for Pixar movie. (15 wins if you count both Cars 2 and Cars 3’s tie in Wyoming). 
  • Toy Story (1993) and its sequels also kept America’s interest in the past year. The original Toy Story picked up nine wins across the states, for a total of 12 wins if you count the other three films.
  • Up is a movie that people can turn to to find joy after troubling times, and 7 different states helped keep this free-flying 2009 film afloat.