Your mind is currently on overdrive trying to get your daily work done, especially when trying to balance the new daily norm that is COVID-19 life. It feels as if the to-do list is never-ending, each task taking way longer than it ought to, and your back constantly hurts from being stationary and hunched over my laptop. You feel overwhelmed, and frankly, burnt-out. 

We have this intense, overwhelming pressure to keep up that our system becomes out-of-balance. Burnout is both caused by judgment and anxiety. It can be a downward spiral once you get started. Then, when you are overwhelmed by life, it makes it harder to have the energy to practice things to keep you feeling good physically and emotionally. 

So, how can we avoid or combat burnout?

 Here are two tips on how to avoid burnout: 

  1. Take a break.

Taking a break works to feed your soul. Allow yourself to rest and be still. Once you allow yourself to rest, your energy will be restored and you will be refreshed and ready to come back to your tasks. 

  1. Get acknowledged. 

If you are burnt out, get some acknowledgment from someone. Get some validation to help lift you up. If you have your skills, purpose and your person-hood acknowledged by somebody, this drastically counters burnout… It lifts us up, reinvigorates us, and gives us energy. As burnout is depleting us, acknowledgment brings us back.