The Flash movie is already making us want to use the Speed Force and head straight to 2022. Michael Keaton is reportedly in talks to appear as Batman for the first time in three decades, while Ben Affleck’s own version of the Caped Crusader is also back for the Scarlet Speedster’s standalone DC movie. Now, Cyborg actor Ray Fisher could be joining the cast. Who’s down for a mini-Justice League reunion?

The Hollywood Reporter reveals that, alongside Fisher’s ongoing dispute with Warner Bros. over the production of 2017’s Justice League, he is “deep in negotiations to reprise his role as Cyborg for a cameo.”

Fans of the Flashpoint comic – on which the Andy Muschietti-directed Flash film will be loosely based – will know that Cyborg helps lead the charge in the Atlantean/Amazonian war involving Wonder Woman and Aquaman in an alternate timeline. In the animated movie adaptation Flashpoint Paradox, the mainline universe Cyborg has a cameo at the beginning, helping Flash and Batman take down Reverse-Flash.

Still, the prospect of a Justice League reunion – outside of the Snyder Cut release next year – is a tantalizing one. No word yet on whether the likes of Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot, and Jason Momoa will similarly reprise their roles.